Flo's NetBSD projects

Welcome to my NetBSD-related projects page. All tools are available via the NetBSD packages collection (pkgsrc), see NetBSD or pkgsrc.org. All projects are specifically designed for NetBSD and will not run under Linux (but *might* work under other flavours of BSD).
neb-wipe-1.0 Erase harddisk partitions in a very secure manner using a 35-pass pattern overwriting scheme by Peter Gutmann or random data overwrites. SF-Download
neb-cd512-0.9.1 Recalculate a disklabel to be in 512 bytes/sector format. Useful if one wants to access an FFS-filesystem residing on a CDROM or DVD for example. SF-Download
neb-hdtoolbox-0.9 Create and/or modify partition layouts for NetBSD/amiga. Capable of doing cross-partitioning from ANY NetBSD-platform. Download
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